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I support individuals, teams and organisations get better results through strengths.

Discovering and harnessing strengths is at the heart of my consulting, coaching and project work.

Tap into my expertise to invest in your best self, team, organisation.


Ready for your next strategic plan? Maybe you’re dealing with a tricky team issue and need some independent advice?

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Looking for a serious boost in skills and confidence for you or your team?

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When people know and use their strengths every day at work, they perform better, have higher levels of job satisfaction, and are less likely to leave.

Find out how strengths coaching can super-charge the success of you and your team.


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“Strengths Coaching gave me a new level of insight into my leadership style and how to continually hone my skills to maximise my understanding and use of the Clifton Strengths. Nicole’s guidance and direction enabled me to support each member of my team to develop their strengths and collaborate to create an authentic team approach to our daily work and our professional goals.”

Glenys, Head Teacher Administration/CAPA

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