I support individuals, teams and organisations get better results
through strengths.
Discovering and harnessing strengths is at the heart of my consulting, coaching and project work. 
Tap into my expertise to invest in your best self, team, family or organisation.  
Need a facilitator for your next strategic plan? Dealing with a tricky team issue and need some independent advice?
Or an experienced eye to review your policies, procedures and operations so you can deliver the kind of services that people will rave about?
Let's talk! 
Got a project, a strict turn-around time and need a proven finisher to deliver it?
I'm an experienced deliverer and manager of projects and am known for bringing efficiency, clarity and structure.
Get in touch to see how I can lighten your project (and stress) load. 
Looking for a serious boost in skills for you or your team?
Want better relationships at work and home?
Ready to take your leadership to the next level? 
Find out how strengths coaching can
super-charge your success. 
Is your school ready for more positivity? 
​Are lead teachers and executive staff looking for better ways to engage, motivate and energise their teams? 
​Would students benefit from using their strengths to boost their learning, confidence and life skills? 
​I tailor Strengths in Schools to suit each school I work with. Coaching and development programs are available for staff and students. Join the positive education movement today!

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