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My mission is to help people, teams and communities to know, use and grow their strengths. Better self-awareness, better communication, better relationships… a better life!

My purpose is to support individuals, teams and organisations to create positive change, in whatever way is most meaningful to them. I make that happen through the consulting, coaching and project work that I do.

Based in beautiful Northern NSW, Australia I’ve had the privilege to work with communities and organisations across the country.

My clients benefit from my 25 years of experience as a manager of teams from 3 people to over 3000. Most of my career has been spent in Human Services organisations in the Public, Private and Non-Profit sectors. As a consultant I’ve also enjoyed working with the retail business sector, and with for-profit NDIS providers.

I’m an experienced facilitator and professional presenter, and I enjoy engaging with groups of two to two thousand. I’m naturally a strategic thinker, so I can see the big picture quickly and guide others through actionable planning. Getting the very best out of people and resources and building confidence and skills in others is something I am drawn to.

My professional experience and expertise span strategic and operational planning, organisational culture and values, community engagement, consultation and development, Human Resources management, quality improvement, policy writing and project management.

I’m a lifelong learner. My formal qualifications include a Master of Human Services Management, Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Management, Bachelor of Social Science and Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training. I am a Gallup™ Certified Strengths Coach, a certified Change Manager and member of the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA).

Those who know me, know I’m always up for a conversation about strengths. How to know them, and how to use them to get amazing results across every aspect of life. I have a particular passion for positive education and am working on post-graduate research at CQ University into positive education as a retention strategy for teachers.

I care about giving back. I’m a Director on the Board of the Northern Rivers Community Foundation and I’m a Story Dogs volunteer.

I genuinely enjoy conversations about growth, change, challenge and learning. Here are my Top 5 strengths: Futuristic, Strategic, Learner, Individualisation, Input!

I’d love to hear more about you…

Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber

Founder & Director

“Seeing my clients discover and harness their own and other people’s strengths, and apply the strategies they’ve learnt is awe-inspiring – I want everyone to experience that!”