I support leaders to build their confidence and skills to tackle their next most important challenge and take their team from good to great. I work with teams to clarify goals and align energy with purpose. In a nutshell, I support people to discover and leverage strengths for next-level results.


I coach people from all walks of life, so they can have a better life! No matter where you are, there is room to grow and flourish. Invest in yourself because you deserve the best life possible.

Nicole Weber Coaching a new client

Starting with

I offer tailored coaching for individuals and teams. All coaching programs start with strengths.

Gain new insights with your unique strengths profile and learn how to leverage your strengths at work, home, study, and anywhere.

Learn practical new strategies to navigate and manage change, improve relationships and connection with others, and get clarity on your next steps to success.

Leadership Coaching and Development

Do you want to move from reaction to results? Is there untapped potential or energy-sapping conflict in the team? You might be looking to build on what you do best or iron out some issues.

I work with leaders to increase their confidence, skills and influence. Maximise the results of your efforts as a leader and as a team.

Strengths in

Is your school ready for more positivity?

Are lead teachers and executive staff looking for better ways to engage, motivate and energise their teams?
Would students benefit from using their strengths to boost their learning, confidence and life skills?

I tailor Strengths in Schools to suit each school I work with. Evidence-based coaching and development programs are available for staff and students. Join the positive education movement today!

“Strengths coaching has been a bolt of intense therapy specific to developing my leadership skills. I have loved the clarity and reflective opportunities that Nicole has provided. With her careful and thought-provoking guidance I have been able to recognise my strengths when they are working well and when I am overusing them. I have far more confidence in my capacity to make sound decisions and critically reflect with clear perspective more frequently. I recommend this opportunity to anyone wanting to develop their self-awareness. It is a leadership essential.”

Conie, Head Teacher Special Education