strengths. strategy. results.

Clarity, options, focus and results.

That's what I bring to the Consulting work that I do. Whether it's helping untangle a wicked culture issue in the team, planning and managing change, providing advice on best practice or something else. I'm here to help. I specialise in working with small to medium non-profits and businesses. 


Here are some examples of how I have helped clients get great outcomes:

  • Facilitating strategic and operation planning sessions; helping teams move from ideas to action and accountability through co-designed plans and shared goals

  • Reviewing organisational systems, processes and practices, from governance to service delivery, against best-practice industry standards

  • Advising business and non-profits wanting to register as an NDIS provider

  • Writing policies and resources to support staff knowledge and compliance with the law and accreditation or registration requirements

  • Coaching individuals and teams to know and leverage their strengths for maximum results: check out my coaching page for more on this...

  • Helping teams to review their culture and systems, and define values and practices for better customer outcomes

  • Supporting leaders and teams with practical strategies to deal with tough challenges like conflict and major change, for positive outcomes

Let's collaborate!

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