For Teams

Does your team need a boost in focus and motivation? Is there conflict or untapped potential? Looking to move performance to the next level?


What do I do best? I help teams work better together, to make the most of their strengths and deliver outstanding results. I work with people to identify strengths, resources, solutions, and a clear path forward.


My work with individuals and teams is based on the Strengths Approach. I offer a range of tailored options to suit the needs of your organisation right now, and to carry you through your current wicked issue or next bold move.

I offer tailored individual and team coaching, training, change management, professional supervision, strategic planning and more. 

Talk to me about one off, 3, 6 and 12 month coaching programs to embed new learning a grow seriously sustainable skills. 


My expertise includes:

> Conflict resolution and management strategies

> Strengths development 

> Culture development

> Change management

> Leadership coaching and mentoring (1:1 or group)

> Strategic planning

> Project Management

> Policy and compliance

> Community/Stakeholder engagement and consultation

> Best practice Case Management, support coordination and planning

Book a time with me to discuss your business needs.

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