Kind Words

strengths. strategy. results.

Each person’s learning style, focus and priorities are different.

Watching my clients discover and harness their strengths and learn new strategies to tackle challenges is awe-inspiring – that’s my happy place!

“Nicole is easy to talk to. She is knowledgeable and supportive in reaching positive outcomes. I felt more confident after speaking with her and cannot recommend her enough .” 
Tahni Duncan.
“Thankyou so much for the day…I feel more confident now to approach members of my team in a way that suits their skills and strengths…the day was very engaging, fun, positive and useful.”
NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission team member
“The Clifton Strengths Finder and subsequent coaching were an eminently informative tool, ultimately leading to a greater understanding of myself that benefited both my personal and professional life. Nicole's warm encouragement and expertise in communicating, explaining and providing direction gave me positive strategies that I could apply across my life.”
Morgan Walker.
“I was at a complete road block with life in general when I engaged Nicole's services. This has been a valuable opportunity to identify career and personal goals that will give me satisfaction and motivation. If you are at a cross roads, want to change career paths, or just want to know what your strengths are and learn to use these to their highest potential, I strongly encourage you to engage Nicole's services. It has helped me immensely.” 
Donna Osmetti.
"Nicole was a great facilitator for our team development day. She created an atmosphere where everyone was equal and felt able to ask questions. Even the 'drier' topics were made interesting and the strategies were practical."
New Horizons Team
“The career coaching with Nicole gave me a lot of clarity about what motivates me at work. Nicole’s approach showed me new ways of thinking, not just about what I want to do next but why as well.” 
Jason Fisher.

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