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I help individuals, teams and organisations create positive change through strengths.
Discovering and harnessing strengths is at the heart of my coaching, consulting and project work. 
Tap into my expertise to invest in your best self, team, family or organisation.  
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Are you a new, experienced or future manager who wants to make an impact as an inspiring and influential leader? 
Are you looking to build your toolkit of skills and get a serious confidence boost? 
Is there untapped potential in your team? Talented people who could be getting better results? 
Want more positive family and personal relationships instead of conflict and chaos? 
Through coaching, I help people know and leverage strengths to get impressive and lasting results.  
Ready for your next strategic or operational plan and need an experienced facilitator to bring ideas into actionable targets?
Wanting to become an NDIS registered provider and need help getting your policies, processes and operations in line with best practice? 
Need policies and procedures updated to comply with registration, funding and good governance? 
Got some tough issues in your team, like conflict, change or compliance and need some expert advice to get back on track?
As an experienced consultant I will help you get focus, practical strategies and your next important steps.  
Got a project, a short turn-around time and no-one to deliver it?
Need to add some extra 'oomph' to a project team to get it done on time and on budget? 
I'm an experienced deliverer and manager of projects and am known for bringing efficiency, clarity and structure. Get in touch to see how I can lighten your project load. 
Is your school ready for more positivity? 
Are lead teachers and executive staff looking for better ways to engage, motivate and energise their teams? 
Would students benefit from using their strengths to boost their learning, confidence and life skills? 
I tailor Strengths in Schools to suit each school I work with. Coaching and development programs are available for staff and students. Join the positive education movement today!
"Nicole translated our policy into action at our team development day. To see our policy brought to life in training was a real game changer for the team"
Vicki - New Horizons 
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